Video Production
Brand Out Loud

FOR: Brand Out Loud PROJECT: Various video projects for Hivos, ICRA, Rabo Foundation TYPE: International Video Productions & Project Management RESPONSIBILITIES: Video Production | Leading implementation team | Work across continents PROUD OF: • Producing a series of videos in Uganda, Bolivia, Peru, Rwanda, Indonesia • All projects on-time, on-budget and smooth pre-production step More about […]

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Direction & production
_Phone Rome Documentary

_Phone Rome

FOR: Poppins Purse Productions (own project) PROJECT: Phone Rome_ TYPE: Directing & producing of a short documentary RESPONSIBILITIES: Direction | Production | Filming | Film editing | Interviews PROUD OF: • The quality of content and execution of my first documentary See the film teaser here. 

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Production & Project Management – What’s Up Africa TV Series
BBC World & RNW Media

What's up Africa Malawi

FOR: BBC World & RNW Media PROJECT: What’s Up Africa TYPE: Satirical TV and online video programme RESPONSIBILITIES: Production | 2nd camera | Online Promotion PROUD OF: • 5 seasons of high quality and successful content for TV and online platforms • Tripling of Facebook community within 2 years (>600k) • Shortlisted for Association of […]

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Can’t Wait to Learn – War Child

FOR: War Child Holland PROJECT: Can’t Wait to Learn TYPE: International Development RESPONSIBILITIES: Communications Strategy | Video productions | Implementing Communications PROUD OF: • Complete new content of website (text and images) • Production of videos for the project • Increased understanding about the project See the festival website here.

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Concept & Project Management – More than Child’s Play International Conference
Institute of Social Studies

FOR: Institute of Social Studies / NCDO PROJECT: More than Child’s Play TYPE: International Conference on the use of sport with conflict-affected children RESPONSIBILITIES: Concept | Organisation | Fundraising | Facilitation PROUD OF: • Obtaining both budget and participation of renowned NGOs such as War Child, Right to Play and UNICEF • Contribution of ex-war child […]

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Participatory Video for Advocacy
Sacred Natural Sites

Mayan Sacred Site Guatemala

FOR: Sacred Natural Sites PROJECT: Participatory Video Facilitation for advocacy purposes TYPE: Facilitation for a Maya community in Guatemala to produce their own videos RESPONSIBILITIES: Organisation | Facilitation | Translation | Editing PROUD OF: • Leading a Mayan community through participatory storyboarding, filming, interviewing and editing • The creation of two videos that were subsequently used to […]

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Participatory Video for M&E
Aflatoun International

FOR: Aflatoun PROJECT: Participatory Video Facilitation for mid-term project evaluation TYPE: Training and facilitation for people in Kenya to produce their own videos RESPONSIBILITIES: Concept | Content and Schedule | Organisation | Facilitation | Editing PROUD OF: • Leading a group of 25 people, 12 of whom teenagers to learn the ins and outs of […]

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Photography & Concert Reviews
Various Publications

Cinematic Orchestra North Sea Jazz

FOR: Jazznu, De bassist, CKE PROJECT: Photography & concert reviews TYPE: Writing jazz concert reviews in Dutch and concert photography RESPONSIBILITIES: Organisation | Writing | Photography PROUD OF: • Shortlisted for World Jazz Photography 2017 and touring exhibition • Publication of photos in De Bassist • Long standing contribution to • See our photography portfolio […]

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