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    Let's make the beautiful, the important, the wild, the original, the strange, the ambitious audiovisual content you need, together.

    You're looking for a:
    • audio & visual producer
    • photographer and visual storyteller
    • project manager for multi-stakeholder international projects
    • multilingual, culturally sensitive coordinator
    in the fields of:
    • music & culture
    • international development & human rights

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What I do

Audio & Visual Production

The successful production of a film, video project or podcast and others means keeping an eye on the big picture, but also never forgetting that the devil is in the details. My complementary skills, experience and talents make these processes smooth and offer results adapted to your needs.

Concept development | Production management | Direction

Conceptual & strategic thinking | team management | budgeting & fundraising | pitching| interviews | logistics support | negotiating rights & consents

Performing Arts Production

Concept development | Production management

Concept development | budgeting & fundraising | partnering | coordination | logistics support


Film & Photography

It’s good to tell people who you are and what you do, however it is much stronger to actually show them. The power of visually documenting what you do in film or photos, an in-depth interview with an artist, your event’s after movie, a teaser for your new show, photos of your performance or première, is what drives me to take my cameras out of the bag.

Interviews | Events | Short Format Series | Teasers & Promotion | Music & Concerts | Art | Performing Arts & Dance

Cross-Media Storytelling

Starting at the concept stage of a project, I look at the most beautiful, efficient and appropriate medium to reach your audience, make a splash and build a strong audiovisual content identity in the process.

During the implementation phase, you can count on my project management and coordination skills to bring the project to a successful end, on time and on budget.

Creative production | Project management

Text | Photos | Films | Podcasts | Website

Check Music Meeting All Ears


Projects & Clients

Project Lead & Producer
Music Meeting
Project Management, Production & Communication
Music Meeting
Photography Musical Bike Tour
Holynote Concerten
Project Management Website & Communications
Holynote Concerten
Film & Photography 2020
On the Roof Amsterdam
Concept & Production Video Portrait Series
Festival Jazz International Rotterdam
Project Management Website & Communications
On the Roof Amsterdam
Project Management Website & Communications
Festival Jazz International Nijmegen
Project Management Website & Communications
Festival Jazz International Rotterdam
On the Roof Amsterdam
Video Production
Brand Out Loud
Direction & production
_Phone Rome Documentary
Production & Project Management – What’s Up Africa TV Series
BBC World & RNW Media
Can’t Wait to Learn – War Child
Concept & Project Management – More than Child’s Play International Conference
Institute of Social Studies
Participatory Video for Advocacy
Sacred Natural Sites
Tour Management, Photography & Film
Jonathan Scales Fourchestra
Concept & Production Video Portrait Series
Participatory Video for M&E
Aflatoun International
Photography & Concert Reviews
Various Publications
Project Management diverse websites
Various clients


poppins purse

What’s in a name?

Remember how Mary Poppins opens her bag and takes out whatever the people around her need at just that moment – everything but the kitchen sink? That’s where the name Poppins’ Purse Productions comes from. Depending on your project, we assess together which of my skills or a combination thereof will offer a cohesive answer to your needs.

What sets me apart?

Multipotential ˌmʌltɪpəˈtɛnʃl

I believe that creative solutions and innovations are born at the intersections, combining two or more fields of work, seeing the links and connecting the dots to offer valuable, resourceful solutions and develop creative projects.

Adaptable əˈdæptəbl

I’m not afraid to start new things and step out of my comfort zones. I love learning, do so quickly, and I rarely start from scratch as I bring all the skills I’ve learned previously to each new area. I also adapt to change easily and have the ability to work in different fields, levels and roles.

Multicultural ˌmʌltiˈkʌltʃərəl

I work effortlessly in international settings, smoothly negotiating in multicultural settings, and doing so in English, French, Dutch and Spanish. I also work with a network of reliable professionals with a wide range of skills in different countries.

What am I proud of?

  • Concepts and production of high quality video content for online platforms and TV.
  • Publication of concert photography in various magazine and online media.
  • Cross-media story telling projects.
  • Organisation of successful international events: original, on time, on budget.

What do others say?

Analytical | Strategic | Reliable | Hands-on | Pragmatic | Keeps an eye on the big picture | Process oriented | Flexible and easily adaptable | Eagle-eye for detail | Fun | Enthusiastic | A very contagious laugh

Sophie is a great person to have in our team: she likes to be involved in the over-all strategy rather than just fulfilling task by task. She offered very diverse skills to the service of our PR and communication: social skills and networking, filming, photography and visual design, a deep knowledge of the national and international jazz scene and last but not least a strong drive and motivation!
— Felix Hildenbrand
Founder & Director, On the Roof Festival, Amsterdam —
Sophie is a very talented producer. Her ability to manage not just the practical aspects of our international productions but also the emotions of several creatives involved, is extraordinary. Sophie is comfortable working to tight deadlines with very little lead time. She appreciates cultural sensitivities involved in international productions; is ambitious and has illustrated many times that 9 - 5 simply isn't in her vocabulary. She is always going the extra mile to make sure the production is the best it can possibly be.
— Ikenna Azuike
Presenter and creative brain behind What's up Africa, BBC World & RNW Media —
Ikenna Azuike
Sophie was a huge asset to the team during transitional periods and restructuring and was willing to embrace change for a positive outcome. She can persuade and influence internally and externally. Secondly, she is a fun person to have around with a maturity and vision that will see her excel in anything she sets her mind to.
— Lila Solis Griffoen
Marketing & Communications Specialist, RNW Media —
Lila Solis GriffoenMarketing & Communications Specialist - RNW Media
Sophie Conin is a generous, smart, responsible and pleasant person to work with. Thinking on her feet, going in depth when needed, and extremely agile, she inspires others with her tremendous energy and sharp insights. She is really good at organising and prioritising.
— Jessica Teunissen
Project Officer Research & Development, Oxfam Novib —
Project Officer Research & Development - Oxfam Novib
Sophie is great to work with, she is keen, listens well and has a good eye for the bigger picture due to her diverse work experience.
— Emer Beamer
Co-founder & Director of Global Learning, Butterfly Works —
Co-founder & Director of Global Learning - Butterfly Works
Sophie is a highly competent professional with strong analytical skills. She has the rare quality of combining abstract thinking with a practical, hands-on attitude. Furthermore, Sophie has a warm personality and works well with a diverse group of people. I was a great pleasure to work with her.
— Marco de Swart
Programme Development Lead Right to be heard, Oxfam Novib —
Marco de SwartProgramme Development Lead - Right to be heard - Oxfam Novib


Sophie Conin

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